Are you ready to make a difference in someone’s life? T.E.A.M. (Together Engaging Adolescents through Mentoring), a program of Catholic Charities Labouré Center, matches youth, ages 8 - 16, with caring, adult mentors. The first matches were made in April 1999, and since then nearly 300 matches have been made.

Once matched the pair meets once a week for two hours or more. The meetings are set on a week to week basis, depending on the availability of the youth and the mentor. Group activities take place monthly and program staff checks in regularly to provide support. Mentors attend regular meetings for additional training and support throughout the year.

Our mission statement: To enhance the resiliency of youth by increasing their self-esteem, strengthening their school-attachment, and fostering their ability to make positive life choices.



  • 87.5% of youth reported that their attitude towards school had improved
  • 62.5% reported that their grades were better
  • 62.5% reported they came to school better prepared
  • 75% reported that they believed that others see them as better leaders
  • 87.5% reported that they get along better with others, such as friends and teachers,
  • 100% reported that they felt more confident in themselves
  • 100% reported that they had a more positive view of their future
  • 100% reported that they were better able to resist drugs and alcohol because of the time spent with their mentors.