Keep Calm During COVID-19

With COVID-19 moving through the country at a rapid rate, it’s easy to fall prey to  a negative mindset. We’re often told to worry about only that which we can control, and in a situation that’s as fluid as this pandemic, it may seem that everything is out of our control. In these times, it’s helpful to remind ourselves that our attitudes can make all the difference.


Paying it forward: one mentor's impact on his mentee and his community

By: Michael Rambo

When Representative Nick Collins ran for, and won a vacant seat in the Massachusetts State Senate, he left his spot as the State Rep in the 4th Suffolk District behind.  One of his former aides, a longtime volunteer with Catholic Charities, David Biele, then vied for and won the Democratic primary for Collins’ old post.

Now running unopposed in the upcoming general election, Biele—a lifelong South Boston resident and community contributor—is now slated to represent his neighborhood in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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