Will you stand together with us?

At Catholic Charities of Boston, we serve over 17,000 immigrants and refugees through our Refugee and Immigration Services division. The recent executive orders on refugee resettlement and enforcement priorities have an immediate and direct impact on those we serve. 

The demand for our services has increased exponentially in the past few days. Your help is needed now more than ever.

Immigration Legal Services, the most requested service within Refugee and Immigration Services, provides affordable, reputable legal consultation and representation. Our experienced immigration attorneys reunite immigrant families separated for years, protect victims from violence, save unaccompanied children from abuse and assist in obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. Prior to the executive orders, our legal team operated at full capacity and had to turn away many of those seeking services. Now, the requests for our services tripled and people are in desperate need. Your generous support would allow us to say “yes”, we can provide you with an expert immigration attorney.

Catholic Charities of Boston settles 230 refugees a year from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. From the moment we greet a new refugee family at the airport, to placing them in their first home, to providing intensive case management; our Resettlement team helps refugees achieve independence and self-sufficiency in their new life.

These men, women and children have left behind all that is familiar. Some of them come to the United States of America in search of a better life - some have no other option. Stand with refugees and immigrants; stand for them; stand by them. Support Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services today and make a direct, positive impact the lives of our immigrants and refugees.

Or text StandTogether to 41444 to give to our Refugee and Immigration Services division today.