El Centro Adult Education

Catholic Charities’ El Centro has provided intensive, results oriented ESOL instruction for low-income immigrants in Boston for over 60 years. Combining comprehensive academic and wrap-around support services, El Centro brings students from the lowest levels of English language learning to college and workforce readiness.

These services are open to learners without restrictions on language proficiency, age, or residency, impacting their ability to earn a living wage and attain economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Student Testimonial

“You need somebody to support you. You simply can’t continue without somebody standing by you. I know I can always count on El Centro."

About the Program

El Centro students have access to intensive free of charge adult ESOL classes at all language proficiency levels; innovative class offerings, including the pioneered by El Centro targeted Critical Thinking and Analytical Reading classes for ESOL students; math and financial literacy instruction; rigorous curriculum which includes contextualized content of natural and social sciences; integrated in every level of ESOL curriculum digital literacy instruction; highly personalized and efficient advising; career pathway development with practical individualized assistance in transition to college/post-secondary career training; and access to a wide range of Catholic Charities support services.

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College and Workforce Readiness

Since July 2016, El Centro has placed over 200 students in college and serious vocational training programs. The program strives to bring students from the lowest levels of English language learning to college and workforce readiness. Most El Centro students graduating from the highest level start the program at low levels and move up.

El Centro IT Program

El Centro IT training is delivered by Cyber Warrior Academy. The technical training takes 28 weeks, 20 hours a week of classroom instruction (currently via zoom) and require at least 10–20 hours weekly of independent studies/exam preparation. It targets 4 certification exams to obtain nationally recognized certifications in Networks and Cyber Security. All training, materials, and certification exams are free for the program participants. The program includes soft skills/career readiness training and job search/placement services for internships/apprenticeships/ or direct placements, depending on student skills and certification success. They also have study groups and tutor assistance in-person (on campus).

Access to Services

El Centro students have access to Catholic Charities child care services, legal assistance, shelters, and other services provided by the agency. El Centro is a community that helps adult immigrants develop, understand, learn, move ahead, and sustain motivation.


El Centro Adult Education
1785 Columbus Ave., 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02119


For more information about the adult education program, call 617-506-6690.

For information about the IT Training Program, please call 617-506-6690 or email ElCentroIT@ccab.org

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