Basic Needs

Sometimes you need a hand to build or rebuild your life. Each year we help more than 120,000 community members access the resources they need to move from crisis to stability to self-sufficiency.


If you or your family lack food, Catholic Charities Boston provides food assistance. Pantries are located in Dorchester, Somerville, Brockton, Lynn, and Lowell.


We provide more than a bed for the night. Case managers at our referral-based programs assess the needs of the person seeking help and find the best place for them to restore and strengthen their families.

Living Assistance

Rising rents, increasing heating costs, and more expensive groceries all impact your ability to balance your monthly budget. We provide emergency living assistance to help keep families stable in their homes as they work to restore their financial autonomy.

Counseling Help

If you are struggling and would like counseling and mental health support, Catholic Charities Boston can help. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, addressing the unique needs of our clients to help them address hardships.


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