Family & Youth Services

Strong families create strong communities. We deliver an integrated system of programs to help parents and grandparents meet the challenges of an evolving world, and young adults and children thrive.

Child Care Services

If you need affordable, flexible day care that meets the needs of your child, consider Catholic Charities Boston. Our accredited and licensed centers deliver a research-based curriculum that enhances individual strengths.

After School & Summer Programs

Every child deserves a promising future. Our programs support the health, wellness, productivity, leadership development, and education of young people–setting them up for success as adults.

Healthy Families, Parent, and Elder Programs

Families come in all varieties and sizes. Our programs help strengthen families and assist individuals of all ages in adjusting to lifestyle changes.

Post-Adoption Search

Adoption greatly impacts the lives of the adoptee, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. We offer assistance to help individuals obtain information about an adoption that involved them.

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