Post Adoption & Search

We recognize that adoption is a life long process. Our post-adoption and search programs offer a continuum of services that respect the relationships among all members of the adoption triad—the adoptee, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. In all circumstances, confidentiality and our clients’ best interests are our primary concerns.

When appropriate, we provide information and referrals for those seeking additional counseling around issues related to placing a child for adoption, being adopted, and parenting.

Curiosity and a sense of connection to another member of the adoption triad are very natural, and the need to access medical background information can be a reality. In accordance with Massachusetts state law, our adoption search program offers assistance to all members of the adoption triad obtain information about an adoption that involved them. We can provide a non-identifying profile of an adoptee’s birth parents, make available a profile of the family that adopted the child, or explore and determine whether a birth parent or adoptee is interested in providing additional information and/ or mutual consent to be contacted. We maintain records of all members of the adoption triad and encourage all clients to update their records at any point with important information and/or current depositions regarding the release of identifying information.

For more information about our Post-Adoption and Search Programs, please contact our program directly:

Wendy Vandenhoeck
Catholic Charities Adoption Program

Download adoption search related material:
Catholic Charities Guide to Search and Reunion (PDF)
Adoption Search Application for Adoptees (PDF)
Adoption Search Application for Birth Parents (PDF)
Adoption Search Application for Siblings (PDF)
Massachusetts General Law Regarding Search and Reunion (PDF)