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Immigration Court Helpdesk

Catholic Charities Immigration Court Helpdesk (ICH) provides free assistance and legal information to unrepresented respondents in removal proceedings at the Boston Immigration Court.

We provide free information on court practices, procedures, and general information about options related to relief and protection from removal, and other relevant resources. Please contact for information about:

  • Your rights & responsibilities in Immigration Court;
  • How to check the date of your next hearing;
  • How to transfer your case from one Immigration court to another;
  • How to change your mailing address with the court;
  • Legal defenses to removal;
  • Referrals to attorneys, and how to get legal help.

Orientation and Workshops Available

We have trained staff who are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French and English and can provide services in any language with interpretation.

Immigration Court Helpdesk Resources

Learn how to prepare for your individual hearing and more about the process below.

Immigration Court Helpdesk Flyers

Haitian Creole

Individual Hearing Process Flyer

Haitian Creole

Contact Us

For information, please call 617-464-8000 or email

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