Adult Education

Education is one of the most important steps towards gaining self sufficiency.

At Catholic Charities we see these programs as a key to ending the cycle of poverty.  Whether helping a young adult achieve their high school equivalency, helping a newcomer learn English or leading an individual on a career path with job training, Catholic Charities helps provide individuals with a better future.


English Transcultural Center

The English Transcultural Center was founded in 1990 by the Sisters of Charities of Nazareth to address the English Language needs of community members in the Brockton neighborhoods. The center offers both morning and evening English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes to those with little or no skill in speaking, reading, or writing English. Catholic Charities South’s English Transcultural Center exists to meet the English language, educational, employment, and social service needs of immigrants. The center offers two levels of English classes, as well as enrichment classes. 

El Centro IT Support Program

El Centro Information Technology (IT) Support Training is a workforce development program that prepares students for successful attainment of entry-level IT Desktop Support jobs and future careers in IT. Information Technology is a rapidly developing field with job opportunities in multiple industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education and finance.

El Centro del Cardenal

Catholic Charities El Centro del Cardenal Adult Education Program has long recognized the interdependence of English language learning and continued education for economic fortitude. Founded in 1957, El Centro was among the first programs in the state to provide ESOL classes for adult immigrants. Over the years, the program has helped thousands of people to adjust in their new home country: to learn the language and culture, to find jobs, to become responsible members of the community.  

HiSET Programs

At the Education Center in Lynn, out-of-school youth find GED preparation and skills training. While a High School Equivalency Diploma is the goal, teachers help students see themselves as learners, not dropouts. GED classes include Youthworks, Teenstart, and the Education and Parenting Skills Center 

Labouré Adult Education

Established in 2019, the Labouré Adult Education program is located in South Boston. There are 5 levels of ESOL instruction offered, as well as Math and Computer Literacy instruction, Distance Learning, and college and career counseling and guidance. The classes, taught by trained staff, are designed to help you meet your educational, personal, economic and social goals.

Nurse Assistants

Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides (NA/HHA’s) are two of the fastest growing occupations. There are many job openings in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, some hospitals, and visiting nurse services or private care agencies available. At our centers in South Boston and Brockton, students take the first step on the career ladder in health care.

English as a Second Language

Those whose first language is not English can pursue their education through English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes offered through El Centro del Cardenal in Jamaica Plain, the ELLA (English Language Learning Academy) Program in Lynn and the English Transcultural Center in Brockton. With the goal of empowering adults by increasing their employment opportunities and self-sufficiency, the ESOL classes include practical, dynamic instruction.