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Catholic Charities Boston

Response to State Housing Crisis

Massachusetts has seen a dramatic increase in families seeking emergency housing. Massachusetts’ emergency shelter system is at capacity and Catholic Charities is working diligently with partners across all sectors to ensure that the most vulnerable within our communities have a safe place to sleep during this unprecedented time of need.

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The Boston Globe: For Families Seeking Emergency Shelter, Limbo Feels Like a Safe Place to Sleep

“As we are in the thick of it — we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now”. “We are in crisis mode. We don’t see this ending for a long time.” The Boston Globe provides a glimpse of life for families living in Catholic Charities Boston’s SafetyNet Shelter, which opened up right before Thanksgiving to address the critical issue of families and pregnant women in need of shelter at a time when the state’s emergency shelter system has reached capacity.

Latest News

United Way of Mass Bay Awards First SafetyNet Shelter Grant to Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Boston is the first organization to be awarded a Safety Net Shelter grant to provide temporary rooms to families experiencing homelessness who have an urgent and immediate need to find shelter. extremely low-income families with children, and pregnant people who have an urgent and immediate need.

“It is heartbreaking to see families living with uncertainty of where they will sleep at night. With the arrival of colder weather we are grateful for the Governor and her administration’s leadership and our partners at United Way in activating funds quickly to stand up this emergency shelter plan." -Kelley Tuthill, President, Catholic Charities Boston

Families in Shelter
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Ways to Help

Ways to Help

Make a Donation

Your gift will help help provide case management and assistance to families as they work to overcome barriers to housing.

Ways to Help

Donate to Our Amazon Wishlist

Families are in need of basic necessities such as clothing and personal hygiene items while they work to rebuild their lives. Please consider donating to our Amazon Wish List to help the families living in our temporary shelters.

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