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Friday, July 14, 2023

‘We Are Trying Everything:’ Vice President of Basic Needs Beth Chambers Discusses the Demand for Shelter in the State

Beth Chambers, Vice President of Basic Needs, was featured on WBUR’S Radio Boston earlier this week, where she spoke with host, Tiziana Dearing, about the overwhelming shortage of housing across Massachusetts and Catholic Charities Boston’s role in helping to provide shelter and basic necessities to those experiencing homelessness.

“We are just serving people with dignity. We know that there is a need. We know that we have been called to help, and we are doing it, whether it be trying to find someone a double stroller, having diapers on hand, or calling on volunteers or calling on our parishes to help out. And people are coming forward and doing that. We are grateful and at the same time we know we will be needing to ask more and more, but the fact is we are doing it with dignity, and we are taking care of folks,” said Chambers.

To listen to the full program, click here, or read WBUR’s article here.

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