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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Globe Editorial: On The Front Lines with a Charity Responding to the Migrant Crisis

The Catholic Charities Inn was featured in a recent Boston Globe editorial highlighting the Agency’s partnership with the state of Massachusetts in response to the dire housing crisis and the rapid influx of migrants across the state.

The first thing you’ll hear at the Catholic Charities Inn is the sound of children laughing. The next thing you’ll notice is the languages. In a dizzying mix of French, Spanish, English, and Creole, children — mostly Haitian — chatter in a makeshift playroom with donated toys as attentive parents keep watch from the second-floor hallway.

These contracted shelter operators have adapted to do the impossible — to quickly house the highest number of families the state has ever needed to shelter, according to the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities.”

Beth Chambers, Catholic Charities Boston Vice President of Basic Needs, shared how the shelter came to be and the impact it has had thus far on the 44 families currently living there.

“We’ve done shelter work for a long, long time now, but this — this is an adventure,” said Beth. “The experience is unprecedented for Catholic Charities Boston, which before this summer hadn’t housed this many families.”

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