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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Adult Education ESOL Student Quotes on Teacher Appreciation

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, we asked students in the Adult Education ESOL classes at Catholic Charities Boston to share their thoughts on their teachers.

Over 130 students responded, using their English language skills to explain just how patient, kind, and wonderful their Catholic Charities teachers are. Some highlights are shared below.

Thank you to all teachers who are making a difference in the world and helping people of all languages and backgrounds achieve their goals and dreams.

What Do You Appreciate Most About Your Teachers?

“My teacher clearly explains the class, clarifies all our doubts, and makes us lose our fears.”

“My teacher is a kind person, and very responsible.”

“My teacher helps me to believe in my ability to learn English. She encourages me to do my homework, to express myself better and take risks without being afraid to speak. Most importantly, she encourages me to continue to study more and to have a better future here in the United States as an immigrant.”


“My teacher has a special way of making you love class. It makes me happy to talk and understand things.”


“My teacher always answers my questions without losing patience.”


“My teacher is motivational and able to explain to different learning styles.”

“My teacher helps me to achieve my dreams.”

“My teacher is patient with me. Some people are not like that and I’m grateful to have a wonderful teacher like that.”

“His lessons are practical and methodical. Class conversation is one of his priorities.”

“My teacher speaks slowly! He never gets annoyed when I asked him to repeat things multiple times 😊 He makes an effort to help us understand.”

“My teacher makes me much more confident.”

“My teacher helps me to believe in myself.”


“My teacher is my friend too.”

“My teacher is wonderful. Learning English is the most important thing I need to be able to realize me dreams and she’s helping me to start.”

“My teacher is good at communication, compassion, presentation, organization, following directions, and more. They are also a source of inspiration and motivation.”

“My teacher loves everyone in our class. She remains young at heart.”

“What I like most about my teacher, her dedication, attention, her enthusiasm to teach me, her sense of humor and tact. Thank you for doing this noble work”

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