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Friday, November 10, 2023

Honoring Veterans Across the Agency

In honor of Veterans Day, we interviewed several unsung heroes among the Catholic Charities Boston community who spoke of what they learned during their time of service and how their experiences shaped how they live today. Thank you to all veterans, past, present, and future, who have bravely served and sacrificed for others.

“It’s taught me to appreciate the fact that we all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, and everyone has a story to tell.”

U.S. Army Reserves soldier Ken Kato serves as a Customer Service Associate for Catholic Charities Boston’s Community Interpreter Services. From working with others to achieve a common goal, to being a part of something larger than oneself, Ken says his role at the Agency allows him to harness many of the skills and values he learned in the military. Read Ken’s story

“I learned discipline and how to focus, and how to be organized. I learned to believe in myself and never give up.”

Kathy Curran-Nigl, a former seaman for the U.S Coast Guard and now Director of the Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide program in South Boston says her experience serving our country helps her to be a better teacher today. “I can be strict sometimes as a NA/HHA teacher, but I have to be working in healthcare. Joining the Coast Guard gave me courage.” Read Kathy’s story

“I’ve learned the value of doing the right thing, and that helping people is always rewarding.”

From learning the value of community and support, to learning discipline and teamwork, SPC Barbosa says the Teen Center instilled skills and values in him that he still uses today as a member of the U.S. Army. “At the Teen Center, they knew since I was in middle school I wanted to serve. They always support you no matter what you want to do.” Read SPC Barbosa’s story

“I developed a deep appreciation for American culture and ideals.”

Antonio De Sousa Lobo is a former Cape Verdean soldier who now serves as Director of Workforce Development. Antonio worked closely with the U.S embassy and military and provided services to several departments of the U.S. government, including the Presidency and airport security in the in the wake of 9/11. Antonio took classes at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center alongside 500 ESOL students from 80 different countries––an experience that enhanced his cultural awareness and now allows him to deeply empathize with the students he works with at Catholic Charities. “Working at an organization like Catholic Charities nurtures your humanity. It gives you the opportunity to cultivate the good in you, and to fill your heart with light.” Read Antonio’s story

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