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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Hull Family Makes Ten-Year Commitment to Sunset Point Camp

Born and raised in Brockton, John Ferrara shared that visiting Hull in the summertime as a child was an experience he and his family cherished. Those memories were a driving force behind the family purchasing a home in Hull in 2017. Through Catholic Charities John was introduced to Sunset Point Camp and was reminded of the childhood days he spent at Nantasket Beach.

Witnessing the smiling faces, the laughter, and the friendships being forged among campers at Sunset Point, John said he was instantly inspired to support the camp’s mission and help other children access the joyful, formative experiences it offers.

“Everything about the camp’s mission resonates with me,” he said. “Being a kid is all about meeting new friends, playing and laughing, being adventurous, and trying new things. The Sunset Point program does all of that.”

This past summer, after meeting with Sunset Point Camp Program Director, Ivana Correia-Vega, John, his wife, and their three children, through their family’s charitable foundation, made an initial ten-year commitment to support Sunset Point Camp, allowing the camp to remain accessible to families who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Catholic Charities Boston is one of many organizations that have benefited from the family’s generosity. Roughly two years ago after John sold the business he founded, the Ferrara family decided to allocate a significant portion of sales to charities focused on improving access and making a difference in the communities they serve.

“Our family is focused on helping those that may run the risk of falling through the cracks,” he said. “We are doing everything to improve access to experiences, services, or funds for people that need it most. We are trying to be holistic and inclusive in our approach. At least to start, we are supporting charitable causes for education, healthcare, immigration, military veterans, elderly, learning disabilities, athletics and emergency relief. We are just doing our best to make a small difference.”

Today, the Ferrara family lives just down the street from Sunset Point Camp. John said he smiles every time he passes the camp on his bike route. Given Sunset Point hosts campers from Brockton each summer, the Camp’s mission not only resonates with him but also deeply aligns with his faith.

“Faith is very important to our family,” he said. “We are blessed and grateful. We believe it’s our responsibility to give back.”

Learn more about how you can support Catholic Charities Boston’s clients in need here.

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