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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Mount Alvernia and St. John’s Prep Students Come Together to Create Holiday Cards for Catholic Charities Boston

For Mount Alvernia and St. John’s Prep middle school students, community service is an integral and mandatory part of the education experience. Rooted in the Catholic tradition of extending compassion to all, both schools emphasize the importance of lifting others up, especially those in need. Sometimes, that is as simple as sharing a few words of encouragement:

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Keep up the good work.

Jillian Boudreau, principal and licensed school counselor at Mount Alvernia, said that Mount Alvernia’s campus ministry has worked with Catholic Charities Boston for many years. On November 19, the faculty came together to create Thanksgiving cards, Congratulations cards, and Best Wishes cards for Catholic Charities’ clients, primarily those who were completing or who had completed one of the agency’s adult education programs.

“We did this because we realized, if our students are committed to service, then we as a faculty should be too,” said Boudreau.

The event was so successful that Boudreau decided to have Mount Alvernia 7th and 8th grade students create Happy Holidays, New Years, and Best Wishes cards during their service day in partnership with St. John’s Prep on Monday.

“Working with Catholic Charities, our students get to see their impact from the beginning to the end. They see the mission of community service in action,” said Boudreau. “You can talk a lot but until you see it and experience it firsthand, you don’t know how important it is.”

Part 2 of our Twelve Days of Giving Series, sharing heartwarming stories about people spreading joy and compassion within our community this holiday season. Explore more ways to give this holiday season on our Ways to Give page.

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