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Friday, September 1, 2023

New Grant Funding from BPDA and Massachusetts State Budget Prepares the Teen Center for A Successful Year Ahead

Catholic Charities Boston’s Teen Center will receive a $16,000 grant from the Boston Planning and Development Agency’ (BPDA), which will be used to fund a new industrial stove and kitchen renovations. The grant was part of the community development funding from the development of the Dot Block project in Dorchester.

Serving approximately 200 low-income middle and high school youth who live in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood and surrounding areas, the staff at the Teen Center provide youth members with a hot dinner each weeknight during the school year, as well as two meals and snacks during their summer programs.

The BPDA grant will not only help address food insecurity among Dorchester families, but also bolster the Teen Center’s mission to promote healthy nutrition and social development among its members.

“We serve close to 200 kids, and it is very difficult for the cooks to get the meals done on time,” said Joao DosSantos, Director of the Teen Center. “I believe this renovation will allow us to serve more young people and draw more support in to the program.”

In addition to the BPDA grant, the Teen Center also will receive $30,000 of grant funding from the Massachusetts State Budget for the 2024 fiscal year, which was secured by State Representative Chris Worrell. Both Representative Worrell and his brother, City Councilor Brian Worrell, are longtime champions of the Teen Center. The funding will be used to support the Teen Center’s kitchen renovations, as well as to enhance its academic and social support services.

“We are so grateful for this funding and for all of the support we receive from the community,” said DosSantos.

To learn more about the Teen Center, click here.


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