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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Q&A with Adult Education & Workforce Development Alum Daphney St Vil

Q&A with Adult Education & Workforce Development Alum Daphney St Vil

Daphney St Vil came to the United States from Haiti in October 2020 and enrolled in Catholic Charities Adult Ed. & Workforce program to advance her English skills. She credits the program and her teachers for opening up doors, including her current internship in Beth Israel’s Pipeline Program. “I love Boston. It’s the best place to live because there are so many opportunities.”

Read our Q&A with Daphney below and learn more about our Adult Education & Workforce Development programs here.

Q: What brought you to Catholic Charities Boston?

Daphney: I wanted to learn English to start my career. I had learned some English in school in Haiti, but the way they teach and speak it there is different. Shortly after moving to Jamaica Plain, my aunt introduced me to Catholic Charities. I was placed in level two and took classes with Christine Doret from September to December. She said to me, “You are smart, Daphney. You are ready for a higher level,” so I moved up to level three and started taking ESOL classes with Jane Snyder.

Q: What impact did Catholic Charities Boston have on you?

Daphney: I can’t thank Catholic Charities enough for opening doors for me. It was the first school to welcome me and teach me English. I am especially grateful for my teacher, Jane Snyder. She is a great person and teacher. She is always available for her students. She always says to me, ‘Keep going, Daphney. You are a smart student.” I have no words to thank her.

Q: When did you begin to pursue working in the medical field?

Daphney: I had been interested in the medical field, but I needed opportunities. I took a human services job training program at the Haitian Multi-Service Center and when I finished, I was looking for what to do next. I had a classmate say to me, ‘You should call Jane. She can help you,’ and so I called her, and she told me about an opportunity at Beth Israel for the Pipeline Program and that I should apply. The application deadline was only two days away, but she helped me fill everything out and get it in, and I ended up being selected.


Q: What has your experience in the BIDMC Pipeline program been like so far?

Daphney: At first, it was hard for me to adapt to the medical language because I studied administration, but I worked hard and did it. I thank God for everything. He always has my back. I work four days a week as a patient care technician with a nurse. I won’t be done until April, but I have already learned so much. I feel good helping people. I love my job.


Q: What are you hoping to accomplish next?

Daphney: I hope to continue working at the hospital, but first I have to go back to school. I’m in the process of applying to go back to school for an LPN program. I work with inpatients right now, but I would like to experience working in an outpatient program someday.

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