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Friday, May 10, 2024

‘They see things in us we cannot always see ourselves:’ Celebrating Catholic Charities’ Amazing Teachers This Week and All Year Long

From the passionate ESOL instructors who show up every day committed to making a difference, to our childcare teachers who tirelessly devote themselves to supporting the positive development of youth in our communities, to all members of the Adult Education and Family and Youth Services teams, Catholic Charities Boston’s teachers are a vital force of good in the community, quietly and diligently meeting the needs of our clients every day.

This Teacher’s Appreciation Week, we celebrate the enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion that drives the teachers and mentors we are so lucky to call our own.


“Marianna and all of the El Centro staff see things in us that we often cannot always see ourselves.”
– Emmanuel Paul, El Centro graduate


“If it wasn’t for Ana, and Catholic Charities, I never would have taken the test. Now that I have this diploma there’s no stopping me.”
– HiSet graduate, Briyana


“Because of my teachers, I know that a promising future awaits me.”
– Healthcare Bridge ESOL graduate, Patricia


“I love the way the program works. Even before we’ve completed the training, our teachers are already consulting on our behalf.”
– CNA graduate, Oluwatosin


“Working at an organization like Catholic Charities nurtures your humanity. It gives you the opportunity to cultivate the good in you, and to fill your heart with light.”
– Director of Workforce Development, Antonio De Sousa Lobo



“Becoming a mother, and working in childcare, I was searching for my village, and I found it here. It is so fulfilling to have that support and be able to now help other parents and teachers too.”
– Assistant Director of Lynn Child Care Center, Candice Cronin

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