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Friday, January 13, 2023

When You Lose Everything Else, You Still Have Faith

Catholic Charities Merrimack Valley’s client Dawn shares how the Agency supported her after an Injury Left her Unable to Work

As a lifelong social worker, Dawn* has spent her career helping people in need. A recent fall in her home, however, resulted in multiple injuries and knee surgery, leaving Dawn unable to work and keep up with mounting bills.

“Suddenly, I found myself on the other side of the desk, so to speak, needing help,” said Dawn. “It has been very humbling.”

Having referred her own clients to Catholic Charities programs and services over the years, Dawn said when she found herself in trouble, the Agency immediately came to mind.

Within days of reaching out, Dawn was met with support from Catholic Charities Merrimack Valley, receiving gift cards to Stop & Shop and later receiving assistance with her mortgage payment.

“Everyone needs food and a roof over their head,” she said. “Things are hard right now, but I’m just so grateful for Catholic Charities’ help.”

The gift cards to Stop & Shop not only made grocery shopping more convenient, but also granted Dawn the freedom to choose low-salt foods, which she said is critical for her health, having been diagnosed with kidney disease earlier in her life.

Although the road to recovery has been slow, Dawn said she is committed to returning to social work if she regains enough mobility, as well as possibly seeking employment as a spiritual counselor—an ambition she has long dreamed of pursuing.

Beyond the support she’s received from the Agency, Dawn said her primary source of hope comes from within.

“The most important thing to me is my faith,” she said. “When you lose everything else, that’s what you have. I have my challenges, but above all, I have my faith.”

*Due to the sensitive nature of the real life experiences shared within the story clients are referred to by their first or middle names only to protect privacy.

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