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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Catholic Charities El Centro IT Program Awarded Over $200,000 Through Baker-Politio Administration Skills Capital Grant

Catholic Charities Boston’s El Centro Information Technology (IT) program has been awarded $200,480 in funding from the Baker-Polito administration’s Skills Capital Grants program. The grant will allow El Centro to purchase innovative equipment that will accelerate the career advancement of Catholic Charities’ clients, many of whom are adult immigrant learners facing significant barriers in search of viable career pathways.

“This grant will allow us to equip our classrooms with updated computers and teleconferencing equipment for quality remote instruction and to increase access to services for adult students with diverse needs,” said Marianna Geraskina, Director of Education at El Centro. “It will also allow us to prepare more adult immigrants with lowincome jobs for an exciting career in the field of Information Technology, where they are currently grossly underrepresented.”

The Governor announced $22 million in Skills Capital grants awarded to 70 educational institutions, and an additional $10 million awarded to 23 vocational schools to expand programs for both young people and adults as part of the Career Technical Initiative (CTI).

“We are very proud of the lasting impact these grants will have on the Massachusetts workforce and the future of the Commonwealth as they prepare the next generation of innovative leaders in cutting-edge industries,” said Governor Baker.

The El Centro IT program prepares students for a successful career in Information Technology with intensive 7-month training for IT certification and assistance with employment placement upon program completion. All classes and materials are free of charge.

“El Centro IT program creates truly equitable opportunities for our students’ career advancement and social mobility,” said Ms. Geraskina. “We are so excited and grateful to receive this funding.”

About Catholic Charities El Centro IT Program
El Centro IT Training Program prepares students for a successful career in IT. Information Technology is a rapidly developing field with job opportunities in multiple industries including e-commerce, healthcare, education, and finance. Advanced English skills are required. Learn more about the El Centro IT Program here.

About The Skills Capital Grant Program
The Skills Capital grant program was originally launched in 2015 with the goal of replacing outdated equipment and technology, mainly at vocational technical high schools and community colleges. Since then, the program has evolved into a crucial component of local workforce training efforts by expanding the number of young people and adults trained and experienced with the newest technologies used by local employers. Learn more here.

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